Implant Crowns


This nice lady presented to our office with a front tooth that needed to be extracted, aging implant crowns and receding gums. Due to past negative experiences, she was hesitant about making changes to her smile and she did not want to have to wear a flipper (temporary removable partial to replace missing teeth) during the healing process.

After her extractions, instead of a flipper, we were able to use fixed temporary teeth until her new implants wereready to be permanently restored.Her new smile was completed with two dental implants, a bridge, crowns and whitening of the natural teeth.

No Prep-Veneers


My favorite local restaurant owner did not like the wear on her front teeth but did not want to grind away any of her healthy tooth structure, which is normally necessary to restore with traditional veneers and/or crowns. We were able to restore her two front teeth with no-prep veneers. The amazing master ceramist at our lab was able to create beautiful custom restorations to achieve the natural translucency she used to have. Now she’s back doing what she does best, making people happy with her amazing recipes.



Removal of old failing amalgam/silver fillings is highly recommended – known to promote fractured teeth – they are made of materials such as mercury,silver, tin and copper that release toxic vapors harmful to our body. The material of choice for replacement is a biocompatible composite resin (tooth color filling).

Cosmetic Contouring


One of the most conservative and rewarding treatments we do is selective re-shaping of the enamel which rejuvenates smiles and gives the optical illusion of straighter lower teeth. It’s a great solution for chipped and rugged edges, uneven borders and sharp angles typical of worn teeth.