Dental Bridges

Bridges in Houston, TX

Having missing teeth can impact your oral health and your self-confidence. If you have missing teeth, your dentist near you could suggest a bridge to fill in the gaps. Dental bridges are a false tooth made to look like the surrounding teeth so you can be confident with you smile. Talk to your dentist in Houston, TX to discuss your options and the best plan for you.

What are Bridges?

Dental bridges in Houston, TX can be made from different materials like gold, but Dr. Ramirez usually makes one from porcelain so that it blends in with your other teeth. Bridges are placed in the space where a tooth is missing and is held in position by the abutment teeth on either side of it.

There are four different types of dental bridges near you.

Traditional Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges are false teeth held in place by crowns that are cemented to the teeth on either side of the gap. These are the most common type of dental bridges.

Cantilever Dental Bridges

When you only have one tooth on the side of the space where a bridge will be applied, a cantilever dental bridge will be the one we suggest at Greenway Dental Center for Esthetic and Implant Dentistry. These dental bridges are cemented to the one abutment tooth.

Maryland Dental Bridges

Maryland Dental bridges are a lot like traditional dental bridges near you. They also require two teeth to be on either side of the missing tooth. Traditional bridges are cemented via the crowns of the teeth, while a Maryland Bridge involves a framework of metal or porcelain. These are applied to the backs of the abutment teeth to hold the new bridge in place.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are considered the strongest and the most stable. These work with implants rather than crowns or frameworks like with the Maryland Dental bridges. With this procedure, an implant is surgically placed in the place of the missing tooth. This implant will be used to hold the bridge in position.

Dental bridges in Houston, TX are a great option if you have a missing tooth or teeth. By talking to Greenway Dental Center for Esthetic and Implant Dentistry about your options, we can help you restore your smile, the use of your teeth, and your overall oral health.